Mar 10, 2021

💉😨☠️ ~ (Avoid Pfizer-BioNTech CV-vaccines at all cost and others) Real Info on CVa Reactions that you are not allowed to see (PrepareForChange) ~ | Blogger: [🤜At "The site is filled with many, many more examples of the affects of the V." ~ PFC🤛] ... 🤫PS: As I have heard on SoTW from maaaany sources - 2nd shot of CV-vaccine is gonna be "The Killer"... 😮PSS: SoTW showed my mom this looooooong list of vaccine cases around the world, and she was literary in a state of SHOCK - now a senior citizen and nurse, vaccinated hundreds of danish people in 45 years on a Hospital Emergency room... 🛑NOTE!: The direct link is not working anymore "error 404 - lost in space" - of course it has been banned or removed. Too bad I didn't copy it all, but you get the picture... |



People, if nothing else, we need to be aware of the truth behind what is happening with this V program. We sometimes get caught in the need to feel like we have to convince everyone about what we believe. That does not work. We will believe what we choose to, based on where we find ourselves and what frequencies we are allowing ourselves to experience. Please be compassionate with those who are stuck in their current state of fear. They are going through their own process in the ascension. However, having the information that might help them to at least see the things that are clearly and obviously being held from them in order to keep the program in place, is the least we can do. With that in mind, here is some information:


Disclaimer: The CDC and WHO support the v procedure. The following is a large collection of personal experiences. Anecdotal evidence does not comprise the entirety of our scientific knowledge on the subject.

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