Feb 27, 2021

✨ ~ πŸ’— Dissolving implants - Let's crack the Matrix together! (Victory of the Light) πŸ’• ~ | Blogger: SoTW was once, part of one of the core-groups in the Cobra RM organization with many initializations, conferences, part of SoTR-DK + THC-DK, and secret meet-up in many countries etc. I personally know many of the people on the chat in this videocast... You don't have to be a follower, hard-core fan or supporter, but you might find it hard, but helpful, to watch the video below, in wrapping your subconscious mind around some 'facts' you will never hear from other spiritual communities... There's also many good exercises and meditations... As always, use your own Spiritual Discernment... |



Welcome to our new international session for dissolving implants on Wednesday the 24th of February at 9pm (Central European Time). This session will be guided in English. However, you will see that even for a person who does not understand English very well, you will be able to follow the live broadcast with us, and do the exercises in synchronization with us, thanks to the multilingual visuals which allow synchronization at every step!

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