Jul 4, 2020

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Happy Fourth of July, everyone.

Brushfires, Coronavirus, race riots…. What next?

Source (goldenageofgaia)

Yes, it’s tragic and challenging, all of it. But those behind these attempts to subdue and subjugate the human race forget – or attempt to defeat – the unifying force of the rising love energies on the planet. And they forget our unfoldment in the face of them.

In fact, this Fourth of July in the United States, recent First of July in my country, Canada, is, in my opinion, a more important Independence Day than any previous. But let me come to that in a moment.

I’ve said numerous times that Ascension has to be gradual or the human body couldn’t stand the shock.

Look at how many people are reporting “Ascensionitis” symptoms. There are discussion groups on the matter.

If we went faster, people would be checking themselves into the hospital with many more symptoms.

What’s actually happening that’s causing these symptoms is that we’re being bombarded with love energies – appropriately named a tsunami of love – from the Company of Heaven (the Divine Mother, the celestials, and the galactics) – that are slowly transforming our bodies, minds, and hearts.

These energies are loosening the bonds of our stored-up issues (which I call vasanas) (1) and allowing love to flow in us as sap flows through a tree.

We’re being slowly simmered in love. But it doesn’t “cook” us. Instead it restores us to our native condition in life.

Some people think that that native condition is original sin. I know it’s not. Our native condition is original innocence. It has no boundaries although it has a center.

We’re like bubble tea – dots of awareness in a sea of love.

We’re like volcanoes that spew love in a constant flow over the landscape in all directions.

This is what the Powers that Be (PTB) didn’t factor into their plans: Tragedies on the scale of the brushfires, Coronavirus, and race riots have excited global compassion and unity leading to peace rather than, in ages past, regional self-concern and survivalism leading to war. (2)

The loosening of the bonds of our own incomplete issues, our restoration to our original innocence, and the dramatic increase in compassion are unifying the planet in ways counter to the PTB’s intentions and probably unanticipated by them. (3) And here I return to the importance of this Independence Day.

Rather than fearing our neighbor, we’re loving our neighbor and it shows. The number of people sharing, donating, volunteering, welcoming overshadows the small numbers employed by the PTB to destroy, disrupt, and defeat.

From my research on the afterlife, I’ve learned that if a person on the Astral Planes tries to go above their evolutionary level, they’ll feel as if they’re struggling against overwhelming forces. Their feet will seem to slow down as if walking through mud. Breathing will be hard. The light will be too bright for their eyes. They’ll be forced to retreat. (4)

By the same token, the agents of the PTB, as the love energies rise, will find themselves unable to keep up a spirited action; they’ll become increasingly dull and lethargic. Where we’re going, they can’t win.

This Independence Day really is seeing us come together as a world – granted by common suffering – in unity and love.

Much about the current scene is reminiscent of Europe before the Second World War. With one important exception: The tsunami of love that’s hitting the Earth right now won’t lead to war and destruction. It leads to peace and restoration. We face an outbreak of peace, not war.

So far I’ve been speaking about the transformation in us as a global society. But I’d like to add another ingredient to the soup now.

We have the power as a global society to affect what happens, if and when we come together purposefully, meditate, or invoke the universal laws to ask for a change of direction.

As proof of that, here’s a conversation in which Archangel Michael says we did it as a world in the case of the Australian brushfires:

Steve: Have our mass meditations significantly impacted the collective consciousness?

Archangel Michael: Absolutely!

Steve: Do you want to say little bit more on that?

AAM: It is the coming together in heart and mind and spirit, unselfishly – because these actions have not been, by and large, motivated by individual wants or needs – so it is the unselfish coming together for the highest good, not only of these poor kingdoms, the animals, and the planet herself, the trees, the grass, the air which have been severely damaged, to come together to heal.

So what it has done – these many collective meditations – is not simply to demonstrate the power of heart intelligence but the power to result in tangible measurable ways how the collective can shift the direction of anything, not just fire but anything.

Steve: So you are saying that the rains were a result of the collective meditation?

AAM: That is correct

Steve: Oh, wow, isn’t that spectacular. (5)

This is the way we can affect the outcome of world events. And so it’s time to come together – more than we have already – and, via mass meditations and invocations, move the world forward towards the Golden Age whose beginnings we are witnessing now. We need to move it beyond the reach of hatred and violence.

In my view, in this movement forward, it’s our job – We the People – to come together as a global society in the face of these trials and complete this shift in power through the exertion, not of hatred, but of love; not of war, but of peace.

What it requires is leadership, initiative, action – and that’s where we lightworkers come in.

This moment now, the Company of Heaven says, is the moment we lightworkers came for – the moment in which power on the planet transitions from the controllers to the people out of an act of love. This is a Second Revolution of Love, a global renaissance, the likes of which have never been seen before on Earth.

By the coming together of the peace-loving populations of the world and the expression into the collective consciousness of our desire for global unity and cooperation, we take the most productive action we can to end the cycle of tragic events that mark the PTB’s last attempts to gain power on this planet.

And we do it not by winning land and air superiority, but by valorously standing forth as beacons of light and sending forth rays of love.


(1) Search on “Categories” under “vasanas.” The Mother used the word spiritual “omosis” recently to describe the process.

(2) They thought she’d win. Everyone thought Hillary Clinton had the last election wrapped up. This would have been the next and determining step in the PTB’s quest for world power.

(3) Matthew Ward called Coronavirus the PTB’s Waterloo:

“Dear ones, do not fear what is ahead—once past temporary confusion and brief hardship, the civilization will be on its way to justness and prosperity for all. …

“The coronavirus scourge is their Waterloo. A powerful light force behind the scenes is charging them with crimes against humanity. The people who keep trying to kill billions of you, conduct satanic rituals, control mainstream media and adversely impact all other aspects of life on Earth include widely known and admired individuals. Their arrests will come as a shock to most of the populace.

“Those at the peak of darkness conceive heinous plans, others are eagerly complicit, most are minions who participate because of bribes, blackmail or threats against their families. In some cases, charges are based on fabricated information, photos and videos, but the truth about every person indicted will come forth in time.” (Matthew’s Message, May 4, 2020, at https://www.matthewbooks.com.)

(4) “Should a man try to live in that rarified spiritual air [of a higher plane than Lawrence occupies] who carried still in his being the uncleansed stains of earth his sufferings would be terrible, as intense as the joy of which he would be capable when he is cleansed of them.” (T.E. Lawrence through Jane Sherwood, medium, Post-Mortem Journal. Communications from T.E. Lawrence. London: Spearman, 1964. , 86.)

“To pass from this realm where I live to the next higher, I shall find myself walking along gently rising ground. As I proceed I shall see all the unmistakable signs – and feel them – of a realm of greater spiritual refinement. There will eventually come a point in my walking when I can go no further because I shall feel most uncomfortable spiritually. If I should be foolish enough to try to defy these feelings, I should, at length, find that I was completely unable to venture a foot forward without undergoing sensations which I could not possibly bear. I should not be able to see anything before me, only that which lay behind me. But whether we are standing at one of the boundaries, or whether we are well within the confines of our own realm, there comes a certain line in the bridge between the realms where the higher realm becomes invisible to less spiritual eyes. Just as certain light rays are invisible to earthly eyes, and certain musical sounds are inaudible to earthly ears, so are the higher realms invisible to the inhabitants of the lower realms.

“And the reason is that each realm possesses a higher vibrational rate than that below it and is therefore invisible and inaudible to those who live below it. Thus we can see that another natural law operates for our own good.” (Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson through Anthony Borgia, medium, Life in the World Unseen. M.A.P., 1993, 132-3.)

(5) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 18, 2020.

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