Mar 2, 2020

🚴 ~ Russian billionaire businessman, 52, pays £20m bail to British court to avoid being locked up while he fight extradition to the US for tax fraud ~ | Blogger: [🤥Bjarne Riis's year without lying: 'Now I feel free' - yeah right!🤔] ... Remember the fraudulent Oleg Tinkov and Bjarne Riis aka nicknamed The Eagle from Herning, in war of words over the way Tinkoff team was run?. Weeell, you know, how much does Mr. Riis knows about Mr. Tinkov's fraud and his affairs?. It's a bloody good question isn't it?. My dad is biking indoor with the now old Jørgen Emil Hansen, world champion in road cycling. SoTW have won a contest after a swimming with him during a party gig. We were both drunk, but it' was fun! During my own bachelor party i contested in Triathlon with Peter Sandvang, World Champion Ironman 2001. I lost BIIIG time, but it was all fun. Buuutt, my dad hear things, about fraud with insurance companies and the scam in danish cycling. I'm not allow to talk about it - just rumors... |

Source (Daily Mail Online)

  • Oleg Tinkov, 52, appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court on Thursday 
  • US prosecutors issued provisional arrest warrant and he paid £20m for bail 
  • He is charged with making false tax return and under-reporting 2013 income  

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