Dec 11, 2020

πŸ₯€⚰️😲 ~ (BREAKING ONLY TOOK ONE PHONE CALL) Undeniable proof: danish PM's personally called and ordered continuation of the mink slaughter. Denmark also to extend lockdown to 31 more municipalities of today, that means, 79 percent of Denmark’s population will now be affected. Our PM is also 'begging' danes to cancel Christmas, and buying presents online, like France to impose virus curfew after lockdown, including New Year's Eve (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Danish PM, from the minority Social Democratic government (former communists DKP's), Corona-commander-in-chief or supreme leader, ordered the killing of 17 million Mink, mass mink graves may have caused groundwater pollution in Denmark, as govt admits it LOST TRACK of 1.5 million animals and China, buying up of danish mink farmers... This has NOTHING to do with animal rights groups... This has EVERYTHING to do with Danish government under increasing pressure over illegal mink directive and "slaughtering", 6,000 large workforce, getting rid of foreign unwanted employees, selling out of mink farms to China, for a candy and destroying of exports, that was DKK 12.8 billion in 2013... This is about POLITICAL POWER to control a population, industries, elites to take over HU-manity by vaccinations and demand from W.H.O. communist China leading influence... |


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