Sep 26, 2020

πŸ‘Ό ~ πŸ’— (True Patriots) A Spiritual Insight With Lorrie Ladd And Charlie Ward (Charles Ward)πŸ’•~ | Blogger: [πŸ‘‰With all due respect, some of the stuff i'll hear before, but amazingly to feel their vibrations and energy - wowπŸ‘ˆ] ... PS: Charlie Ward is now a Viral Phenomena, but he's also selling Silver Coins and like Ralph (Smart), an enlightened soul with a powerful message of self-awareness, empowerment and elevation, who is also a GOOD salesman... Anywho, Lorie speaks of how calm she’s finding herself to be even with all the election interference going on…and Charlie then goes into how none of that will matter because we’re going to be using the Quantum Voting System. The Quantum Anonymous Voting System is based on The Quantum Financial System - That's why Trump is so calm about the mail-in voting - did you know that?. So, Trump is allowing election interference in order to expose the shenanigans, and the system will be announced at the last minute. It will actually be fair and have integrity... That, Trump will in the last minute break the news, that his "vaccine" is UNHARMFUL and actual based on well-known hydroxychloroquine and NOT W.H.O.'s and Bill Gates "placebo" vaccines with tons of toxins and microchips... Btw, Charles Ward, said something very interesting, as a OLD IT guy like me at SoTW; The word "VIRUS" was in fact made by Bill Gates Microsoft Systems to appear like a veeery frightening and dangerous word, when Bill Gates is now promoting the world in 2020 to be vaccinated and control over W.H.O. and the medical industry and save us all on Earth. Charlie Ward has said and I totally agree, that a Humans cannot transfer a VIRUS (from nature) to another Human, only bacterias... Other subjects are 9/11 and the mass MIND-CONTROL on Earth, besides Charles Ward and Lorrie Ladd's prediction, that 2021 will be the disclosure year for everything - especially, March of 2021... |

Source (Charles Ward)

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