Sep 26, 2020

πŸ¦ŠπŸŒ½πŸ’© ~ (Sweet corn not digested) First Thanksgiving - SNL ~ | Blogger: It's all fun right?... I was browsing through Youtube and I stumbled upon this SNL video. It really caught my attention. While I was watching the video it made me see, that it has all the modern "pitfalls"... Me-too and pedogate, normalizing Pocahontas as a child of twelve years of age marrying a older man, John Smith - age 30... Then we have all the BLM, Blackface, Paleface, White People - after a summer of discontent over systemic racism... (bone dry) - not washing after toilet visits and escalating the Coronavirus - constant handwashing can leave skin dry and cracked, Alco-Gel or hand sanitizer etc... Then, ridiculing Trump's border wall, to prevent illegal immigration and diseases and guns and what have you... And of course, the Fox knows (Fox news) and as Trump has tweeted; Lying "Peacock" promised all 44 seasons of SNL, and only delivered 40 thru 45. LIBERATE THE EBERSOL YEARS!"... References to Northern California wildfires, lose of landowners property and govt stealing the land and missing buffaloes, killed by white people... At last, they all become friends, they all have something in common - undigested whole corn kernels in their stoolπŸ™ˆ... AND we know that SNL is pro-democrats and Will Ferrell, who is a HIGH ranking occult and illuminati spokesperson, that has staged a fake occult ceremony on "The Chris Gethard Show" that had conspiracy theorists talking...You be the judge... |

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