Sep 29, 2020

😷🤿🎭 ~ (BREAKING👆) Frederiksborg Gymnasium & HF i Hillerød indfører brug af mundbind indtil efterårsferien ( ~ | Blogger: 1st High School or Junior/Senior High (Gymnasium), in Denmark introduces mandatory FACEMASK requirements for 1400 students and staff - for the FIRST time in danish history... 1 day before that, 1.000 students from Business High School in Køge was sent home - because a few cases of infected... Danish govt are telling us that young people are heavily infected, with complex aftermath - late effects - are not unique to corona: 'A virus can invent anything' In rare cases, various viruses can cause everything from sleep disorders to encephalitis... HOWEVER, CDC data shows covid-19 NEAR-ZERO death risk for people under 50 (Natural News)... |

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