Aug 22, 2020

πŸ•‰️ ~ πŸ’— NEW COBRA UPDATE: A Short Notice To The Surface Population πŸ’• ~ | Blogger: [πŸ”©COBRA is a codename for 'Compression Breakthrough'. The codename "CO BRA" is derived from the two words "Compression" and "Breakthrough"πŸ”] ... First, who is this Secretly and Shy person called Cobra? According to postings on the internet, Cobra is a pseudoname for a human who claims to be a Pleiadian incarnate and who is part of the “Resistance Movement” that intends to overthrow the secret government ruling Earth and to expel alien races who have been living below the surface, and suppressing humanity’s technological development. According to Cobra, the terrestrial resistance movement is being assisted in this effort by an extraterrestrial race known as the Pleiadians who many may know from the Billy Meier’s photos". SoTW has been attending COBRA SCHOOL for some years and not many danes knows about his blog called Cobra2012 or his messengers and of course, it can be very complicated to grasp (highly esoteric stuff). The blog is the official facilitator of communication from the Resistance Movement... As an observer and connected to ONE particular CORE Support Group, Cobra is an advocate for a huge network of lightworkers. He doesn't consider themself as your new Tony Robbins, L. Ron Hubbard, a Guru or King Cobra of Evil(some actually believe that)... He is real, many of us have met him, has dined with him and followed him around the globe and been to some Secret Missions. The informations and intel "messages" he conveys comes or originates by former top military people, Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchies, support groups, descended masters, priests and priestesses, civilizations from other planets and inner earth - if you believe in that stuff (and as I understand it)... Sorry I forgot...Cobra "Truly and Deeply" believe in The Event/Horizon and our Earth Liberation as a Planet. YOU BE THE JUDGE... (Victory of the Light)... |

A Short Notice To The Surface Population

Next two weeks will include some decisive moments which will determine to a great degree how the battle between the positive and negative timelines will play out.

Although the positive end result is secured, the way to there is not, and the Light Forces are asking everybody to do the Flower of Life meditation as often as they feel guided, in the next two weeks especially:

They are also asking people to visualize the Flower of Life grid encompassing the planet and helping to harmonize the situation:
Visualizing planet Earth and especially the planetary surface completely immersed in pink Light is also helpful.

There will be two key moments where more massive participation in the Flower of Life meditation would be advised.

The first one is the moment of Mars Saturn square which occurs on Monday, August 24th at 6:19 pm GMT. Flower of Life meditation at that moment will help dissipating the violent energy in the planetary energy field which will reach its peak at that moment.
The second one is the moment of heliocentric Eris Pluto square which happens on Monday, August 31st at noon GMT. Flower of Life meditation at that moment will help supporting the Light Force fleets which will be involved in critical operations in the Solar system and in sublunar space at that time.

Victory of the Light!

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