Aug 5, 2020

😱🦠😷 ~ (Mission Impossible: CV-19 Ghost Protocol) Sweden COVID-19 Death Rate Lower Than Spain, Italy and U.K., Despite Never Having Lockdown (Newsweek) ~ | Blogger: [👉3-D Matrix of Simulation Daily Log👈] ... The coronavirus pandemic has prevented gatherings for family and my own semi-old parents do not panic over the "COVID-GHOST", but are cautious, avoiding hugging and shaking hands etc., but will properly never wear a mask, my mom is to clever as leading nurse of 45 years, running a 'emergency room' or 'ER'... Yesterday, I went to the weekly gathering meeting with my family and after last friday's government & health authorities "terror on danes", like March of 11, 2020 when there was a LOCKDOWN in Denmark, my oldest of the nieces was terrified about the whole thing and new restrictions and talks went on Facemask and busses, trains and schools, and spikes and what have you. I only had to say one sentence - that was - "can we trust our PM, Mette Frederiksen" - and my niece went BERSERK on me with my sister protecting and cuddling her, like there was NO TOMORROW!. My sister went on that her good danish friend, a Beauty Shop Owner, was apparently fearfully enough to deliver a (personal) letter to her customers, telling them to stay home for at least 14 days after traveling to "yellow or red" countries, before entering to her shop and to protect herself as highly 'recetible receiver' of COVID-19 as shop owner... Herein lies the problem... Btw, at Copenhagen Airport, just a example, all passengers are REQUIRED to wear a facemask, but not the employees - why not?... Anywho, here we have an A-student College Girl that knows "everything, but understands nothing", indoctrinated by school teachers, authorities and girlfriends, and her mom, part of corporate cafeteria management, in the public sector, who really hates to be lied to and have no problem to tell everyone, how much she disapprove of the danish government, but when push comes to shove, she by "automatic reaction" is required for her children sake, to lie to herself and her family, because she cannot allow, to see the reflections and the light in the tunnel... As uncle and family member, I only had to use a "trigger" word, unknowingly, to show them how to get "Red Pilled", and show how deep the rabbit hole goes, but my family and 90% of danes, all takes the "Blue Pill" and the story ends, they all wake up in their bed and believe whatever they want to believe.... And of course, I have to respect that- everyone has their own vision, different spiritual paths and level of the awakening and FREE WILL... Buuuttt... OH-MY-GOSH... Or... OH-COVID-GHOST... When 7 billion people wakes up from the nightmare, there will be rollercoaster emotions and there will be a reckoning... TRUST ME ON THIS... |

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