Aug 26, 2020

5️⃣📶🔥 ~ An earth-wide movement-they’re ALL coming down…5G towers done… just in time not to send a 5G signal…Free Energy- White Hats have taken 5G! (Rumor Mill News) ~ | Blogger: [👄RUMORS AND GOSSIP REPEATERS👂] ... Well, "SNIP", with all due respect, has taken a snapshot of a report called "Restored Republic via a GCR- Rumors" made by 'operationdisclosure1' or 'dinarchronicles' 'dinarrecaps' and like all other DINAR Gurus (you can be billionaire overnight) soap spoilers should be taken with a grain of salt... Having said that, the upcoming documentary called "The Plot Against The President" could be veeery interesting to watch, just before the November election in US Inc... Btw, the old danish TDC Group, owned by Australian Macquarie consortium, an Australian multinational independent investment bank and financial services company, is the FIRST out introducing 5G (dead-traps) in Denmark and the Minister of Climate and Energy and Public Utilities, Dan Jørgensen, has praised it to high heaven... |

Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Tuesday, 25-Aug-2020 00:26:35

SNIP-scroll down past the RV info

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With a President Hillary Clinton, Humanity and Earth were slated to be goners. According to them, Humanity was toast. The coronavirus was the cabal’s coup de gras. They’d concocted a deadly cocktail of poisons starting with chem trails + the virus + the vaccines + 5G + FEMA camps = body bags.

But… right on Q… appeared a Divine Planner with a Heavenly plan. Kim Clement predicted the coming of Donald J. Trump as the savior of Mankind. But I now see, in re-reading his February 22, 2014 prophecy, that he was speaking of Q as well. Clement said: “…This new one arrives as my David that I have set aside for this nation. A man of prayer. A man of choice words. Not a man who is verbose who has verbosity. They will even say, this man is not speaking enough… The will shout ‘impeach, impeach,’ but this shall not happen.

God says, these that shall reject him shall be SHOCKED at how he takes the giant down.…The plan is so brilliant, saith the Lord, it could only have been given by me.”

The Q-plan was actively launched from the day President Trump was elected (in a landslide if the true numbers were actually counted.) POTUS hit the ground running.

On December 14, 2016, before he’d even moved into the White House, President-elect Trump had a meeting with Bill Gates at Trump Tower. At that meeting, according to Charlie Freak, Bill Gates was told he was either going to leave in a body bag for being a mass murderer in Africa and India with his killing vaccines, or he was going to work for President Trump and Q-Team.

Gates capitulated to Trump and revealed the Cabal’s plan, which is why The Alliance knew about the Coronavirus. Instead of being Humanity’s end, Q hijacked the lockdown in order to execute the Cabal’s end.


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