Jul 26, 2020

🎌⚔️🧯 ~ This Yugoslavian Woman Issues A Warning She Wants All Americans To Hear (PFC-Part of Cobra organization) ~ | Blogger: [🀜NATO’s War against Yugoslavia was based on LiesπŸ€›] ... EVEN, our former Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen in Denmark, has openly acknowledged the illigal war and that the NATO intervention in Kosovo was contrary to international law and has called for discussions on how Denmark as a member of NATO can contribute to intervention in other, thought-provoking conflicts... LATER, The large war investigation of 2003 shows that Anders Fogh Rasmussen knew about the possible consequences of the war in Iraq - but withheld them from the danish Parliament (Folketing) with a secret signed letter by Blair and Bush, 1 year before the war started, to establish the link of (false) radical muslims attacking WTC of September 11, 2001 and therefore the justification of attacking Iraq... Buuutt, NATO and fake wars Gladio CIA operations are till in play in 2020 (false flag terror attacks funded by our governments) ... |

Source (BBC News USA)

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