Jul 6, 2020

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Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher, mystic, and intuitive healer. His spontaneous awakening arose from an out-of-the-body experience at the age of 8, and his direct experiences with Ascended Masters and Archangel throughout his life. Matt serves as a bridge between the mysterious empires and the journey of awakening. Many spiritual seekers have experienced amazing, inexplicable physical and emotional healings, and have awakened their true nature through Matt's deep and loving teachings and transmission of holy heart wisdom. Matt and Julie offer their clear intuitive guidance and loving presence, removing all perceptions of obstacles in your life and too energetic to support you through all aspects of the spiritual journey and experience of awakening.

Dear Beautiful,

The process of raising your vibration marks an empowering series of milestones along your soul’s journey when held from a space of loving-kindness, humility, groundedness, and authenticity. When employed outside of these parameters, such techniques do not seem to work because they are ways in which people attempt to bypass uncomfortable feelings as if there is no valid reason why each emotion arises. If someone works to raise their vibration, in hopes it will give them more of what they want and less of what they don't, all the Universe can do is create scenarios to inevitably show them there is no way out of the experiences we are meant to have that serve and heal us deeply along our soul's journey. When experiences are judged as bad versus good, this indicates how someone is innocently interpreting their feelings by how deeply their nervous system is triggered, which often creates moments of confusion, discomfort, agitation, as well as a variety of defenses toward any perception of emotional threat.
In order to raise your vibration without getting caught in another superstitious 'tailspin', we do so by daring to honor each person with reverence and authenticity to increase the likelihood that we will honor ourselves with such esteem, whether feeling pleasure or pain from one moment to the next.

Equally so, we take the time to honor ourselves, whether we're in doubt, difficulty, joy, fear, sadness, happiness, guilt, betrayal, ecstasy, or sorrow to increase the likelihood that we will be able to acknowledge the divinity in others, even when their actions devastate or disappoint us. While vibration cannot prevent loss or despair from arising, it does increase our vitality, cultivate psychic endurance, and deepen our resilience. This allows us to learn from our life circumstances and course correct when the flow of life unexpectedly shifts, so to become even greater expressions of self in shorter amounts of time.

While a higher vibration does equate to more harmony and less suffering, it cannot be controlled or micromanaged to make each experience only what the ego desires it to be. This is precisely why we raise our vibration -- to embody such an awareness of our true nature and to be so integrated into the wealth of our infinite wisdom that moments of pain don't seem so insufferable and can become gateways of miraculous expansion, instead of evidence we use to see ourselves from such a self-defeating standpoint.

Please enjoy this newsletter and each moment of expansion these words and energies inspire in you. All For Love,

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