Jun 11, 2020

๐Ÿ‘ฉ‍⚕️๐Ÿ†˜๐Ÿ’” ~ Perspectives on the Pandemic | The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse | Episode Nine ~ | Blogger: [๐Ÿ‘‰Erin Marie Olszewski is a Nurse-turned-investigative journalist: 'It's like The Twilight Zone.' Nurse working on coronavirus frontline in New York & Florida claims the cities are 'murdering' COVID-19 patients by putting them on ventilators and causing trauma to the lungs, for MONEY. It's not just happening in NYC in other states at public hospitals too. They needed the MONEY! We "used" to treat patients with "Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc" and NOBODY DIED, she says! And she is NOT alone. NYC nurse practitioner Sara NP says the same thing and many, many other nurses๐Ÿ‘ˆ] ... It's NOT the first time, nurses are saying that Doctors and other hospital staff are deliberately "killing" young or old healthy (poor and fearful) people to make a buck... And everyone is frightened speaking up... Just think about the consequences if it was discovered, that this kind of practice, was used in other countries like EU, Sweden, Russia or Asia? Just alone in Moscow, coronavirus death toll raises in May by 3,365 and Sweden, 4.795 death... Annnnnd, in a more stunning news report, after five months of claiming the coronavirus could spread via "asymptomatic carriers," necessitating the lockdowns, the mask policies and mandatory vaccines, the WHO has now declared there is virtually no spread at all through asymptomatic carriers... Which basically means, that it's all a HOAX and we know for a fact, that 99% of those who died from virus in Italy and Denmark, had other illness and was over 70-85 years old... Annnnnd, there's so much more to say, but I've stop for now... |

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