June 08, 2020

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During a time of increased social instability in the wake of the George Floyd murder, tensions are growing at the disturbing sight of violence still taking place on city streets across the nation. You would think at a time like this, politicians would be calling for heightened measures to protect the public. Yet in spite of the violence, Democrats are actively seeking ways to reduce security and give more latitude to the violent anarchists who are tearing up our streets, including almost forcing their way onto the White House lawn! Mere days after this frightening attempt to breach the perimeter of President Trump’s private residence, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser criticized the very existence of a fence, saying: ” It’s a sad commentary that the [White House] and its inhabitants have to be walled off… We should want the White House to be opened up for people to be able to access it from all sides.” Then, not long after, the Utah National Guard confirmed that Mayor Bowser evicted them from a D.C hotel, placing the city at even great risk.
And in other news, senior retired military figures are reportedly planning to stage a mutiny during a September town hall with fake news reporter Anderson Cooper where they plan to tell the nation that President Trump is unfit for office, in an attempt to hurt him at the polls. Unfortunately for these traitors, the American public are pleased with Trump's performance after he delivered an unprecedented economic boom, record employment, destroyed ISIS, killed warlord Soleimani, evened the score with China, denuclearized North Korea and saved America's energy industry. Despite ongoing efforts by the corrupt establishment to inflame civil unrest and racial tension, push for fraudulent ballot harvesting, increase censorship of dissenting voices, extend the economic shutdown, encourage violence on the streets, stage destabilizing terror events and weaponize the media, it is clear that President Trump is set for landslide victory in November, and that nothing can stop what's coming.

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