Jun 14, 2020

🦠 ~ πŸ’— High-Ranking Vatican Official: COVID-19 Is A ‘Colossal Operation of Social Engineering’ (EraOfLight) πŸ’• ~ |

Source (eraoflight)

It’s amazing to observe just how much perspectives have changed regarding Covid-19. It’s also quite something to observe how almost every global crisis that seems to emerge every single year is surrounded by controversy and what seems to be clear misinformation.

What appears to be happening here is a lot of noteworthy and factual information when it comes to Covid-19 has been labelled as “fake news” and as disinformation, while information that is [obviously fake] is constantly beamed out by mainstream media.

There are a number of examples, with regards to Covid-19 one of them is evidence supporting the idea that death numbers have been greatly exaggerated and miscalculated, while mainstream media has claimed the complete opposite.(READ MORE)

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