Jun 24, 2020

πŸ–– ~ πŸ’— Galactic Federation Transmission – A Call For Action (by Shierra Dalisay Pabalinas) πŸ’•~ | Blogger: Thx to PAO/Galactic Heart for sharing... |

Galactic Federation Transmission

Dear ones, we have communicated this to you in the past and in essence, things have not changed.
Your planet has entered the final stages of enlightenment that will lead to ascension.
But humans were living in the comfort zone for far too long and waking up isn't as easy for some as it is for others.
The ascension process happens in stages. First, comes the questioning of your reality as you know it, as you were told it is supposed to be and the realization of its limitations and incompleteness.
The second stage is the awakening that shifts beings from the 3D matrix into the fourth-dimensional astral realm.
That's where things can get tricky, to say the least.
Too many get stuck in the astral. Imagine the astral realm to be a movie theater in which all movies are available. It's just a choice you make in your mind and your favorite movie begins to play. Notice the word ALL movies are available.
When all movies are available, all beings get to play their part. Not all beings are of light. Not all beings have your best interest at heart. Not all beings wish for you to ascend.
There are those who will do anything to stop you from ascending.

Those who have had the power over your planet and over you, those who have held you as their slaves, those who have abused their power over you in the most evil sense possible, those who have regarded to you as their cattle, those who have fed off your fear and all the emotions you emit when you vibrate on this frequency, those are the ones who know that in truth YOU ARE THE MORE POWERFUL BEINGS.
We want to reach a bit farther back into your history as a race to make things a little clearer for you.
Lilith was given to Adam as his first wife and he, as a creation of the Dark Lords did not understand the meaning of Christ-consciousness. Christ-consciousness is being in the full enlightened knowing that male cannot exist without female and vice versa. It is the understanding that the balance of these two energies is what is needed to activate a being's inherent God powers.
Do you understand it better now when we say light is information and darkness is the lack of it?
THIS is the information the lizzies are not able to accept and therefore, they are in darkness.
So, without this crucial wisdom, one cannot achieve Christ-consciousness and without it, there's no ascension possible!
Adam, a Dark Lord's first human male creation raped the Goddess incarnate Lilith. And the trauma of human trafficking, sexual abuse, and slavery begins here for the human race to carry their entire history to come.
And the Goddesses made a plan. When Eve was created from Adam's rib so she would never feel like his equal and would never revolve like Lilith, the Goddesses made her eat from the Tree of Life. They gifted her with the divine spark that would allow her to awaken and evolve so she too could reach Christ-consciousness if she ever decided she wanted to.
They gave the gift of ascension to the entire human race in the form of what you know of as the kundalini energy. The kundalini energy that lies like a coiled serpent at the base of your spine waiting to be activated so it can rise up your spine and activate all the 12 chakras of your system to unlock Christ-consciousness and allow you to ascend into the fifth dimension of unconditional love.
Humans have this ability, this gift, this divine spark that can facilitate the ascension process for them.
The dark leaders of your planet do not have this ability.
You will be lost and out of control for them forever if you ascend. Where you are about to go, they cannot follow. Their frequency control is a 4D concept and mechanism, it does not work in 5D.
The Earth Goddess Sophia Gaia is inevitably ascending. Adjust your frequency and rise with Her. Raise your ascension vibes now, no matter the cost.
They will stop at nothing to keep you from it. Fear is the only weapon they have left to use. Do you choose to allow this frequency into your field?
Anger, frustration, sadness, control, disappointment, confusion, mistrust, etc. are all emotions that you create when you are a vibrational match to the frequency of fear. These are illusions created by your ego-mind to keep you controlled.
Trust, faith, belief, peace, happiness, gratitude, etc. these are emotions you allow when you are matching the vibratory level of 5D -unconditional love. This is the only truth that exists.
At this point, your job is to make a clear decision. Choose between living an illusion, which has been your comfort zone for a very long time or you choose the only truth which is love and become untouchable.
We are here to assist you. We love you. We are your family of light.
Blessings of divine light to all. A'HO πŸ’–πŸ™Œ
Ambassador of The Galactic Federation | Emissary of the Goddess
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