Jun 19, 2020

✋ ~ πŸ’— (Few Minutes of Truth) "No New Normal" πŸ’• ~ | Blogger: Thanks to those 2 incredible Awake and Spiritual Enlighten youngsters and of course to Tucker on Fox News, who's ratings has gone through the roof and has become the MOST watched cable news host in history, for last weeks. Just a few days ago, leftists once again tried targeting Tucker Carlson’s advertisers in an effort to silence him and Tucker has also left Daily Caller... But Tucker or any media darling personality, cannot beat the even MORE popular movement, #BlackLivesMatter Global Network, that has become more popular than POTUS or any activist or political movement seen in human history. You can now be FIRED for going against BLM in America. Will BLM and all the Elites behind them, succeed to bring down Trump?... W.H.O. has aiming for 2 billion doses of Covid vaccine by end of 2021 and Dr Judy Mikovits explains why 50 million Americans may die this fall about 17% of the entire popu... Canada to launch ‘completely anonymous’ Covid-19 contact tracing app, days after Norway BANS similar program over privacy concerns and Denmark, has also launch their version, but it is not working and has now asking #GoogleGestapo and #AppleFactoryLaborStillHorrible for help... |


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