Jun 7, 2020

πŸ€— ~ πŸ’— Coronavirus latest: Brazil's President Bolsonaro threatens to leave WHO (Euronews) πŸ’•~ | Blogger: [πŸ‘‰Trump has already terminated relationship with World Health OrganizationπŸ‘ˆ] ... Whoop!... Woohoo! YEAH!... Breaking free from vaccine monster medical mafia! EVERYTHING is coming to the surface to be HEALED!... πŸ™…‍♂️ PS: W.H.O. has also recent advised to wear masks in public areas for all world citizens and Europe's top W.H.O. official warns that second spike could coincide with outbreaks of other infectious diseases, this winter 2020... Strange that #BlackLivesMatter demonstrations are allowed to take place around the the world with millions of protesters spitting on eachothers and breaking every single Corona safety rules. Suddenly there is no talk about coronavirus. Reputable doctors in Italy, the UK, and elsewhere are claiming the virus hardly exists any longer... DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING WHAT W.H.O. TELLS YOU!... |

TilfΓΈj billedtekst

Bolsonaro threatens to leave the WHO

The Brazilian President threatened to withdraw his country from the World Health Organization (WHO), just as his American counterpart Donald Trump did, to protest against "ideological bias".

"I tell you here, the United States left WHO, we are considering it in the future (...). Either WHO works without ideological bias, or we are leaving it too."

"We don't need outsiders to give their feelings about health here," he told reporters in Brasilia.(READ MORE)

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