Jun 20, 2020

⚡ ~ China is eyeing high-tech ‘surprise PEARL HARBOR’ attack on US electric grid… using ‘stolen’ American technology, report claims ~ | Blogger: [👉It's not the first time we're hearing of this and it will not be the last👈] ... According to many, many sources, Russia, China and USA inc., has UNLIMITED advanced sophisticated military firepower at Earth and from SPACE. Directed Energy Weapons, like Sonic, Microwave, Laser, and (non) Lethal Warfare, just to mention some of the stuff they got! Now, we know that China is ONE big copycat factory!..."How did China undergo its meteoric rise from a technological backwater into a military superpower in outer space? This amazing transition began in top secret US Air Force programs over 75 years ago!" (newest book by Michael Salla which SoTW have meet a few times)... Let's talk EMP or Electronic Warfare Weapon... Back in 2014, Russian Air Force Su-24 bombers with no weapons loaded were sent to intercept the US Navy's AEGIS-equipped destroyer USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea. One of them flied around the destroyer up to 12 times while the other one remained away as done usually by both sides during the Cold War period. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the Su-24s were equipped with the Khibiny EW system and were able to neutralize the AEGIS phased array radar target tracking capabilities while the ship's crew was unable to re-boot the system. It is not clear whether the jammer affected the radar system itself or only the computer-based component or either both at the same time. The Russian Air Force plans call for the installation of the Khibiny jammer on all its advanced jets.... |


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