May 05, 2020

🐱‍💻 ~ First VIDEO from Gates Foundation hack ~ | Blogger: [👉Thanks to my friend Anne, for sharing. A danish "person" talking on the phone about Microsoft chip implants👈] ... PS: SoTW has nooo idea if this evidence is reliable... |

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Hackers from a christian militia called κατέχον managed to use credentials from the Gates Foundation hack to gain access into the Internet-Of-Things home system of a board member of Microsoft company BEZH International and get their hands on the video below. The BEZH board member in the video also oversees Danish company Bichip, which Microsoft contracted to make chip implants. In the video, the BEZH/Bichip board member mentions how Microsoft is happy with the Microchip implant they are making for them.

This is the English translation of what the board member is saying in the phone conversation:
“I was there today. All was good.”
“I met Sally there.”
“All things are going very well.”
“We talked about new memberships, and they’re looking great.”
“Yes, he says so and that was super positive. So it is going to be very interesting from now.”
“He was at Microsoft and talked to them.”
“It worked very great.”
“They are very happy with our microchip implants.”
“It will be very very good–”

Our Current Status

We are laying low for a while because Interpol has began an international manhunt to track us down. Our tweet about releasing bank transfers has them all rattled and it seems they will do everything to stop whoever tries to give out this information.

Bu there are many people across the world working on this and they are uncovering much more. So even if they get us, the truth will come out eventually. Stay vigilant and be vocal about what Bill Gates is doing. We shall prevail.

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