Mar 10, 2020

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** FILE ** With the U.S. Capitol in the background, members of an U.S. Marine Corps' Chemical-Biological Incident Response Force demonstrate anthrax clean-up techniques during a news conference in Washington in this Oct. 30, 2001 file photo. More than five years after the Sept. 11 attacks, the government cannot show how the $5 billion given to public health departments has better prepared the country for a bio terrorism attack or flu pandemic. (AP Photo/Kenneth Lambert, Fil
by Ian Greenhalgh
Source (veteranstoday)

We have been intensively studying the virus outbreaks ever since the first cases appeared in Wuhan. However, it is only now that we have worked out what is going on and who is behind it.

Sometimes clues come from the most unexpected sources, a couple of days ago we got one such clue from a notorious, disgraced Israeli disinfo shill who wrote about the ‘nice people’ at the Gatestone Institute and how they had published a story about the virus having escaped from a Chinese biolab in Wuhan.

The mere mention of the Gatestone Institute immediately set off my bullshit detector and I decided to look into the matter. Long time VT readers will be familiar with the Gatestone Institute and it’s notorious head, Nina Rosenwald the arch Zionist pro-Israel former board member of AIPAC and JINSA, two organisations at the heart of the Israeli lobby in the US that are deeply complicit in Israeli’s nefarious meddling in US politics. These are not ‘nice people’, they are anything but, these are the traitorous scum of the earth that have actively assisted the rape and murder of the USA by the Zionist criminals.

The offending article was penned by an Italian called Giulio Meotti and can be found here:

Coronavirus: China’s War on the Truth by Giulio Meotti, March 7, 2020

The article is a disgusting piece of anti-Chinese black propaganda, it’s main purpose is to promote the notion that the Chinese are thoroughly bad, untrustworthy people and are themselves responsible for the virus outbreak as it escaped from a Wuhan research laboratory.

I’ll cut to the chase – this article is utter bullcrap and Giulio Meotti is an Israeli disinfo operative.

So, why do we have a bunch of notorious Israeli stooges promoting a fraudulent narrative about the origins of the virus?

The answer is obvious they are covering for the fact that the virus outbreak is the work of the Israelis, an act of bioterrorism on a grand scale.

I have already explained why China is being attacked in my intro to Gordon’s article published yesterday, which is essential reading for an understanding of the current situation:

Here is an extract:

“Of course, the hidden hands that control virtually the entire globe and it’s economy were not prepared to allow the Chinese to become the dominant economic, industrial and military power, so they decided to wage war on China; an undeclared war that is unlike any that preceded it as it is not being fought on battlefields by militaries nor in the skies by aircraft and missiles.
A quick rundown of some of the offensive actions taken against China leaves one in little doubt that a concerted campaign is been waged against the Asian powerhouse:
  • The CIA-sponsored uprising in Xianjing province by the Muslim Uighurs, this has cost the Chinese huge sums of money and the expenditure of vast efforts to put down and even today is still being dealt with.
  • The decimation of China’s pig farms by swine flu
  • The outbreaks of bird flu that caused such panic and did serious damage to the Asian economies.
  • Trump’s trade war and the US sanctions on China.
  • The demonisation of 5G technology, in particular that of the market leader with the best technology – Huawei
  • The illegal arrest of Huawei’s CFO in Canada
  • The attack on the port of Tianjin with a nuclear weapon
  • The US-sponsored protests in Hong Kong
  • The provocative encroachments into the South China Sea & Straits of Taiwan by US Navy flotillas.
That’s just a short list off the top of my head, there are many more that could be added to the list. but the picture is clear – China has been under sustained attack for the last few years.”

That covers China, but what about Italy? That country has been second hardest hit and the scale of the outbreak there dwarves every other country, clearly Italy has been singled out for special punishment above and beyond everyone apart from the Chinese.
The answer to why Italy is under attack is not hard to discover, just read the opening paragraphs of this article by the European Council on Foreign Relations:

“Ahead of Xi Jinping’s visit to Italy, China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has joined the long series of issues that divide Italy’s ruling parties

One only has to glance at the Italian media to know that, across the political spectrum, Italy’s public debate is dominated by discussions of whether the Chinese government is attempting to buy the country. Following Rome’s official endorsement of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) earlier this month, most prominent Italian decision-makers and political commentators seem to have put aside urgent challenges on the European agenda to focus on this unexpected shift to the east. Even issues as divisive as migration and the powers of the European Union – pillars of the ruling Five Star Movement’s and League’s political identity – now seem somewhat outdated.

The debate pits those who prioritise strengthened economic relations with China against those who fear that the initiative will turn Italy into the “next Africa or Greece”. In many ways, the recent increase in Italian enthusiasm for closer economic relations with China began in 2014, when Matteo Renzi, then prime minister, conducted a high-profile tour of the country. Renzi’s successor, Paolo Gentiloni, continued the effort to court Beijing, as has the current Italian government.

China and Italy are currently negotiating a memorandum that includes 50 economic, cultural, and infrastructural agreements, most of which concern Italian state-owned and private companies, including national champions. The memorandum – which, unlike those Beijing has with 13 other European states, is not legally binding – will be signed during President Xi Jinping’s 21-24 March trip to Italy (the first such visit by a Chinese leader since Hu Jintao attended the G8 summit in L’Aquila in 2009). Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, a former lawyer, has repeatedly emphasised that the memorandum will include all necessary references to the European and multilateral values Italy has asked China to respect. He aims to reassure Rome’s European and other partners – primarily Washington – that Italy remains committed to the EU and the transatlantic relationship.”

So there you have it in a nutshell – Italy has been forging strong ties with China, especially economic ones. As the ECFR article so succinctly puts it:

Rome now seems stuck between Beijing and Washington – between economic opportunities and security guarantees

Italy has broken away from the herd and dared to forge ahead with trade & economic policies that are drawing it into China’s orbit, this is simply not acceptable to the international Zionist criminals, they want China to be isolated, bereft of allies and therefore vulnerable.

Italy’s ‘reward’ for daring to ally itself with China is to become a victim of Israeli bio-terrorism and it will be hit very hard, just to make sure that every other nation is scared off from forging deals with China or joining it’s Belt & Road Initiative.

Given that Italy has an elderly population and it’s public services have been underfunded for many years, the potential for the outbreak turning into a truly horrendous situation is strong. Italian authorities are not blind to this fact and are taking very strong measures, the country is in virtual lockdown, travel is banned, those breaking the ban risk being imprisoned, the police & the army are being held on stand by to enforce the quarantine lockdown.

Expect things to get much worse in Italy, for they are being made an example of and the punishment is going to be severe in order to thoroughly scare and intimidate any and all world leaders.

The message is clear – ally with China and you face the same fate as Italy.

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