Mar 23, 2020

πŸ‘― ~ Harvey Weinstein Contracts Coronavirus While in Custody - Reports ~ | Blogger: [🦠Politicians, sporting stars and Hollywood celebrities, tested positive for Covid-19. Tom Hanks, Harvey Weinstein to Michel Barnier😷] ... {Will they "kill" Weinstein, like Epstein, for what he know? Or make it look like a suicide, so he can spill the beans and make a plea bargain?} ... One of the biggest accusations and conspiracies right now, actually came when Gary Sumpter listed Oprah, Joe Biden, Ellen DeGeneres and other big-time celebrities as being connected to a sex trafficking ring involving Jeffrey Epstein... Look at all the weird videos by celebs, and SoTW question remains, is Tom Hanks, Oprah and Harvey Weinstein, the top handlers of this so-called 'illuminati satanic pedo cult'? And why have they "suddenly" got the Coronavirus?. And what is Prince Andrew trying to hide?... There's so many questions and so little time... |

Source (sputniknews)

The disgraced movie mogul is serving a 23-year sentence at the Wende Correctional Facility after a court in New York found him guilty of rape and sexual assault.(READ MORE)


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