Mar 4, 2020

⚠️~ DK DEFCON 1️⃣ HYSTERIA FEAR: Danish Epidemic Act 10 Has Been Activated ~ 🆘 | Blogger: [😷Acc. to LSM: "The authorities will, among other things, be able to force people into quarantine, force vaccinations, ban public assemblies and order autopsies."💉] ... {The epidemic commissions comprise, among others, police directors, elected officials and the Danish Board of Patients} ... My own Mom and Dad is fearful and will cancel their trip to Holland, as of the FEAR!... OTHER ACTIONS has been activated : 2️⃣ -- The authorities advise against unnecessary travel to areas and countries with a particularly high number of people infected. These are: The four northern Italian regions of Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Iemonte and Veneto. All of China except Hong Kong and Macau. Gyeongbuk Province and the big city of Daegu in South Korea. All of Iran... 3️⃣ -- The National Board of Health now recommends that all Danes stay home for two weeks if they have been in special risk areas... 4️⃣ -- All employees in the health and elderly sector who have direct contact with citizens must stay home for two weeks if they come home from one of the special risk areas, the health authorities demand. This applies to doctors, nurses or social and health assistants... 5️⃣ -- Authorities have also ordered people to quarantine. At least 142 people are currently quarantined... 6️⃣ -- The health authorities have raised the risk assessment from moderate to high... 7️⃣ -- Minister of Economic and Business Affairs, Simon Kollerup, urged the business community to take special precautions. It must be done by keeping employees home for 14 days if they come home from areas that are severely affected by coronary infection. This also applies even if the employees have not been in direct contact with the infected... 🆕 In other news: Government is ready to curb all refugees at border "in utmost consequence" and close down the German border... Question is now, will the danish border patrols use "deadly force" if thousands of people send by Erdogan will try to cross the danish border going to Sweden? They use lethal force in Greece and other places. The danish govt has also offered surveillance airplanes to Greece and other measures. As you know, Denmark, is the most restricted country in the world in regards to foreigners... |

Source (TV2 News)

Her er myndighedernes syv tiltag mod coronavirus

Sundhedsmyndighederne anbefaler blandt andet, at du bliver hjemme i 14 dage, hvis du har rejst i et såkaldt risikoområde

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