Mar 18, 2020

😳 ~ (DEMA) The Danish Defence and Police force are ready to initiate "mass quarantine" if the authorities' current efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus are unsuccessful ~ | Blogger: [🀜 "According to a number of documents that Berlingske Media has gained access to through Freedom of Information Act at local governments' Municipalities and Regions"πŸ€›] ... " A mass quarantine could mean quarantining thousands of civilians at the country's barracks, fenced and guarded by military and police. Among other things, it states that if the plans are activated, there is a definite restriction on the quarantine victims. The Armed Forces must ensure 'fencing so that guarding can be established', as stated in the quarantine agreement between the Armed Forces and the Capital Region of Denmark. However, the current situation "DOESN'T" indicate that mass quarantine will be necessary. The quarantine agreements for epidemics were concluded "BEFORE" coronavirus became a reality in Denmark. The latest of the agreements, between the Armed Forces and The Capital Region of Denmark, was signed in 2018. With the emergency law introduced on Tuesday, authorities can force people with coronavirus or symptoms of the same to hospitalization or quarantine. Likewise, Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke (S) can involve the Defense, which can, if necessary, use force in the form of deprivation of liberty and forced detention." ~ SoTW: I rest my case... |

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