Mar 19, 2020

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Greetings from Galactic Heart . . . 

The CALL has gone out. All Starseeds and Lightworkers are receiving messages about Being the Light to help others make sense of what is going on around the world. We are the ones that will comfort so many during these chaotic times. By Being the Light that you are whether you actually talk to people or simply be the example of a calm, positive, kind, helpful Being, you are fulfilling one the purposes for which you chose to come to Earth at this time in history.

Yes, there is a virus AND much more is taking place behind the scenes to ensure global freedom reigns. This is a time for us to shine our Lights bright. Kindness goes a long way for many people are feeling isolated~very alone. The other day I was at the grocery store to purchase some coconut water. That's and out. Or so I thought. Every aisle I went down, some stranger would strike up a conversation with me. One lady talked to me for 20 minutes. I knew she needed to vent about her life so I stayed present while intently listening to her. That's all she needed, someone to SEE her. Acknowledge her.

Here's another story to share. I was at the bank yesterday, I told the clerk that I thought I already had the virus. She exclaimed, "I can't believe you said that. We (at the bank) were having that same conversation this morning. We believe all of us have already had the virus as well. It went through the whole bank which never happened before. Interesting. We don't have a way to know for sure. When I told my son I thought that Sheldan and I already had the virus, he agreed. He had already had that thought because of the way the "flu" we had acted...different and for the first time he was worried about me. I was pleasantly surprised with his observations.

So on to the post office. I tell the clerk, "I believe I've already had the virus."

He had the same response as the girl in the bank. He believed that he and his family already had the virus too. With this gentleman, I took it a little further. "I think that there is more to this quarantine than what we are being told."

"WOW, my wife and I had that conversation this morning. What do you think it is?"

I proceeded to quickly, in a nutshell (other people in line), tell him about the GCR (Global Currency Reset). End of the Federal Reserve (central banking and fiat dollars) and the IRS. He told me that what I was saying made total sense. I felt uneasy taking so much of his time with a line forming. He assured me that he was moving very slow so I could tell him more.

People are ready. Will they be shocked? Of course. It is true, people don't like change AND yet they are resilient. Keep shining your Lights bright in this world and beyond. It doesn't matter if you are alone or out and about ~ Be the Light!

The more we can hold the highest vision for a graceful resolution, that is exactly what we will experience. We are that powerful.

One way to increase your vibration is to attend our monthly webinars. This month we are featuring Mona Delfino. She is a dynamo and Miles and I look forward to hearing what she can share from a Shaman's perspective. Sunday is the day...Join us!

Selamat Ja!


Look Up, Lightworkers! It’s Really Happening; Our Bright Liberation!...

I received quite a few responses from PAO members stating that indeed they have received the call. I could feel the power of the Light's momentum increasing. A beautiful feeling amongst the chaotic environment. Love in action.

Many are feeling fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of getting sick. Fear of not working and earning a will I pay for my necessities. Fear of being quarantined with their families 24/7~what will we do? Fear about schools closing and having to teach our children from home~some parents are anxious about this. The list goes on.

Join us Sunday. Coming together is powerful. It helps us to stay on track with holding the Light oh so bright! Remember, Together we are Victorious! We look forward to gathering (virtually) with you on SUNDAY! Mona has a lot to share.

Keep shining your Lights bright in this world and beyond. Selamat Ja!

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