Mar 22, 2020

ðŸĶĒ ~ 💗 20 photos show that the planet needed to breathe. Animals begin to reappear around the world (Upsocl) 💕 ~ |

Source (upsocl)

Apparently, we were the virus.

Despite the fact that the coronavirus has resulted in thousands of victims and has advanced in leaps
and bounds, not everything is bad news. Not really, because although we humans are quarantining to avoid further infections and stop the disease, the world has shown us that it’s been able to take a breather and, little by little, it’s gone cleaning itself up.

In the Italian city of Cagliari, dolphins began to show themselves with nothing no longer stopping them. In Venice, for the first time in years, the water is clean and even the fish and swans have wanted to swim in its waterways, now devoid of human life.

Earth clearly needed to breathe.(READ MORE & WATCH PICS)

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