February 24, 2020

๐Ÿ˜ท ~ RT: Shops stripped bare in scenes reminiscent of ‘zombie apocalypse’ as coronavirus fears sweep Italy (VIDEOS) ๐ŸงŸ ~ | Blogger: [⚠️Warning! Don't Fall Into Bear Traps. Looking for Motive - Follow The Money Trail ๐Ÿป] ... {๐Ÿ‘ผThe Angelic human race humanity is the hidden Angelic human race๐Ÿงฌ} ... If there's one thing I have learned over 25 years of studying the 3-D Matrix of illusion traps, it's always to place Humanity in a Deadlock of FEAR & PANIC; the ooold Divide-and-Conquer strategy of the CIA, Deep State and Ancient Alien Agenda and the most effective and devastating Problem, Reaction, Solution technique... Who benefits?... In the case of Coronavirus; The medical–industrial complex with vaccinations, facemasks, N95 respirators and medical supplements. The 'Survivalism' movement and companies (called survivalists or preppers), UN Agenda 21 beneficiaries and of course, the 5G monster rollout push ... They can only do that by installing massive FEAR, PROPAGANDA and Economic Warfare into Earth's population. But guys, the VIRUS is (just) an advanced version of FLU, so put it simply, DON'T PANIC.. Lots of alternative medicine can cure, calm your cells, be high frequent and knowledge to what's going on, is the way. Going around with masks and protection glasses and stockpiling by robbing stores, is NOT a human way of doing business and will only help people who are fearful, greedy and egocentric in nature. This particular bio-weapon has been designed to attach to lung receptors that are five times more common in Asian males than in African or Indo-European males (god bless them) and as you know, old and weak people, has always and will always be affected by flu-symptoms, that weakens the immune system and people, will die... Be what you are, a divine angelic being of truth inside and reflect that mirror to other humans by bringing out that truth forward for all humanity, to benefit๐Ÿ™... so be it and so it is...๐Ÿ’™.. PS: In latest news by DOJ and Simon Parkes, Dragon society tips off FBI and FBI make arrests - "Strong connection between virus and university laboratory. First positive sign that ‘regular government’ is not behind virus but deep state is."... |

Source (RT.com)

Driven by fears of the rapidly-spreading coronavirus, Italians in the Lombardy region have begun stockpiling food and basic necessities, leaving shops in a post-apocalyptic-looking state.

Supermarket shelves were stripped in mere hours as stocks ran low and queues lengthened, as evidenced by eyewitness footage from Milan.(READ MORE)

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