February 10, 2020

🤐🤫😵 ~ 💗 Corey Feldman’s new documentary that will expose Hollywood’s ‘pedophile ring’ will be aired only ONCE 💕 ~ | Blogger: Thanks to HNN... |

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Actor Corey Feldman’s new documentary called ‘(My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys’ is set to release on March 9.

According to reports, in the film, the musician and former teen star will expose the details of the most “emotionally trying” period of his life. There is one catch, however. Viewers will only have one chance to watch the much-anticipated film. Specifically, ‘(My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys’ will air only once, and curious viewers across the world will have to view it at the same time. The documentary will stream live at 8 pm PST (11 pm EST).

Feldman, along with his friends, family, and colleagues, will also be watching the live stream privately. The former actor said in a statement that, through the film, he is keeping a promise to his best friend, the late actor Corey Haim, to expose to the world what they endured as young actors in Hollywood.

Feldman gave his word many years ago to present an exposé of high-profile celebrities in Hollywood who engage in pedophilia and continue to be working in the entertainment industry.

Recently, Feldman and his wife, Courtney Anne Feldman, detailed how the documentary has been in the works for more than three years. They also shared a video of the release date and spoke of the innovative new technology platform that will present the film. According to Movieweb.com, this is the first time a movie launch has happened in this way. Ticket prices will range between $15 and $20, with no early reviews or advanced screenings, because Feldman does not want his narrative twisted.
The actor remarked that he is not trying to profit from the endeavor and that he nearly did not go through with it. Reports assert that Netflix turned down the documentary because they didn’t want to be associated with the explosive contents of the film.

‘(My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys’ will premiere on March 9 at 8 pm Pacific, which is the eve of the 10th anniversary of Corey Haim’s death.

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