Sep 11, 2019

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The time to present a better overview of the Plan for Planetary Liberation being carried by The Jupiter Command, by The Ashtar Command and by all other Galactic Commands arrived. This project is being carried by the Galactic Confederation of Light for thousands of years, demanded a lot of coordination between different groups and races and took many lifetimes of our incarnated members. Everything is being coordinated from a higher perspective, even when it appears that each member is working alone or without any "apparent" support.

A lot of information was already presented by different sources and narratives and is natural that more than one narrative is correct since each narrative is being presented by a different group, race, command or even by beings which reside in different dimensions.

Please understand that the narrative that is being presented here is one particular point of view of our incarnated members of the SURFACOM - Surface Command. We ask you to use your own discernment to evaluate the information being presented here, since we believe that each BEING or SOUL is able to validate each piece of information independently. We suggest you to always use your inner discernment, your inner compass that is your HEART, your strong connection between your brain/mind and your heart/consciousness. You have everything that you need within you. Always trust in your "gut feeling" and use your own discernment to navigate through the times that are ahead of us.

The war to end all wars is in its final stages, the long-awaited "PEACE ON EARTH" is very close to becoming a reality. The Light has already Won, even when it appears that the opposite is happening. The dark ones were always proud to be extremely intelligent and coordinated, but they lack the connection to the Primary Source so they can't understand what LOVE is all about. They are being defeated because the Light Forces already learned how to disarm all their exotic bombs and apparatus. The dark ones are just nothing without their exotic technology. Remember that is always darkest before the dawn. We are in the final stages of the master plan to clean this Universe from all darkness. A bright future is already anxiously awaiting for us.

The Beginning of Duality and The Galactic Wars


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