Jun 6, 2019

Humans Are Free | ~ Heavily Censored by Facebook: Growing List of Articles That Will Never Again Be Allowed on Facebook ~ |

Facebook is now using a new trick of shadow-banning my page and website (HumansAreFree.com) / purging my posts from their platform: 

Several of my posts have been labeled as "spam" and purged from Facebook entirely. How do I know it's Facebook and not an individual? Because my latests posts that were flagged as spam and removed were "scheduled" posts, hence not yet published!

Since only Facebook can see my scheduled (unpublished) posts, it can only be them. It is random too. As soon I schedule several articles, a couple of them are randomly flagged as spam. What it means is that these articles will never be allowed on Facebook (this applies to both new and older articles).

How is this legal? We need laws to protect the Internet and we need big corporations to respect the existing laws that protect the freedom of speech, or pay the price.

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