Oct 9, 2019

⏱️🐣 ~ Verdensalt : Now JACKED UP by Quantum-Entangled Space-Time, Real-Time ~ | Blogger: [♾️Synchronicity Happens For A Reason - There Is No Such Thing As Coincidence In This 3-D Matrix of illusion♾️] ... 1️⃣MILLISECONDS after Danish PM, Mette Frederiksen, takes power over Police / Intelligence, with CCTV Face-R, enhances REAL-TIME Surveillance, Swedish border control & raise penalties for violent (bombings) from 12 to 18 years in prison, German FF Call of Duty Black-ops Lethal Weapon NAZI 'Joker' psychopath chicken distraction guy, goes Berserk. Exactly same time, 2️⃣Milliseconds after, Turkey begins military offensive in northern Syria, an open international crisis, without Russia, Syria and U.S. presence - they just left. 3️⃣Milliseconds after, Fake news, New York Times, is reporting about a uncontrolled TOP SECRET G.R.U. Russian unit seeks to destabilize Europe, an arms dealer in Bulgaria has been Poisoned, a thwarted attempt at a Coup in Montenegro & a failed Assassination of a former Russian spy in England (Russiagate). 4️⃣MILLISECONDS after, Category 5, super typhoon 'Hagibis’ rapid intensification one of most explosive on record in America while PG&E shutdown and power outage, affects 800,000 people to lose power to prevent California wildfires. Project Camelot, Kerry, says there MAYBE a War-Game going on, that the public, CANNOT know about (could also be that DoD prepares for martial law in CONUS). 5️⃣Milliseconds after that, the Trump impeachment Scam & Brexit Hoax, comes closer to a full blown disclosure... |

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