Oct 9, 2019

👁️~ Statsminister bebuder massivt øget overvågning i Danmark (fyens.dk) ~ | Blogger: [🤯 Fighting The Politics Of Confusion & Minority Report : "MASSIVELY INCREASED SURVEILLANCE"🕹️] - We all heard it (straight) from the horse's mouth... The Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (Socialist-Communist party), promises "Radical Measures", a week after she talked about more 'Increase Confidence in Politicians'. Only used in China's buildup all-seeing surveillance State and Google's own creation of a 'god-like' artificial intelligence... 📸💥PS: 1.5 million surveillance (CCTV) cameras in Denmark, perhaps more, numbers are from 2016 and the danish security industry, cautious estimate. Including Automated Facial Recognition (AFR) technology, 500 megapixel Camera with AI capable, Big Data, Big Learning and Heat Map, that can see you Sneeze at 4,000 feet... 📖 EXAMPLE: “Rocket Madsen", aka Danish submariner Peter Madsen, who killed Kim Wall's case... Danish Police and Danish Security and Intelligence Service, has OVERWHELMING advanced technology - from cadaver detection dogs from Sweden, the IT system Polintel ("super weapon" that is used all the time, even if the police are not allowed), through the PET / FE-DDIS, central-administration, that has a register of sins without equal, over (all) people in Denmark (perhaps, merged with NSA, Interpol and intelligence apparatus)... Think about it - 5G and China’s surveillance tech is spreading globally... In Peter Madsen case, they're able to use hacking tools and highly advanced software to recreate and recover, his whole life in REALTIME!!! You don't believe me? When the government, the British arms giant BAE Systems' and Danish subsidiary, allowed the regime in the United Arab Emirates to provide the most advanced surveillance software seen in a long time, EVERYTHING could happen... Overheard Radio Station 24Syv (dated, April 5th, 2018) from crime-reporter, Marie Louise Toksvig, who said how (stunned) she was, that the danish authorities are able to intercept things from a man's computer, external HDDs, USB sticks, recall old internet searches, deleted files, old phones metadata, logs and storage elsewhere (eg cloud storage), recordings from CCTV cameras, basically, Peter Madsen's journey, FOR A WHOLE LIFE... The CCTV cameras and AI software is so advanced, that the movie, Minority Report, with precrime units by police and intelligence services, has a BRIGHT future in our 3-D matrix of illusion... China is facing growing criticism over its persecution of some Muslim minority groups, Denmark, could do the same with the new anti-begging law only convicted foreigners, muslims, refugees, ethnic minorities, immigrants - you name it... |

In the wake of this summer's explosions and what Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, calls a "serious" crime picture, the government announced "RADICAL" measures. The possibility that both the police and government authorities to monitor the public space will be expanded, she says, but acknowledges that the proposal contains a series of difficult dilemmas. ~ berlingske.dk

"With almost one camera per four Danes, Denmark, is one of the most 'monitored countries' in the world", acc. to securityworldmarket.dk. "Until 2007, all had to report certain installations for Data Protection Agency, but when the law was changed and it was "legal" to monitor multiple places, govt dropped, simultaneously reporting obligation. A new study from boligsiden.dk found that 1/7 of all Danes have home TV monitoring. If that is true, then there are about a quarter million cameras in the private homes alone" ~ securityworldmarket.dk ...


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