Oct 14, 2019

🔴 ~ Syrian Kurds seal deal with Damascus to fend off Turkey (DW News) ~ | Blogger: [🩸OMG! The Armenian Genocide? Start Of WWIII!? Russia / Syria Vs. US / NATO?🛢️] ... {Do you really think that danish and EU / US financial sanctions & weapon embargo will help on the situation in hand? C'MON - wake up and smell the coffee} ... WHERE is Russian, US and NATO troops? Kurds are now FORCED to let Assad into their territory, against NATO's largest Army, and Israel is chanting and happily cheering.. What the .... is going on?... Could it be a last attempt to COMPLETELY remove CIA and ISIS proxy army with Pentagon, arming opposite sides in Syria?... Could it be that warmongering Washington DC, see a way to attack Iran and destroy Assad, go to war against Russia, while everyone else, has their complete attention on Turkey and the Kurds??... |

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