Oct 26, 2019

πŸ‘Ό ~ πŸ’— NEW MOON & G1/G2 SOLAR STORMS + + 10/25 (Aluna Ash- 9D) πŸ’• ~ | Blogger: Thx to theearthplan, for her comments and for Aluna Ash revelations... πŸ™πŸ’™)... |

(theearthplan): Please listen to Aluna Ash's update here. We have to remember that super powerful Cosmic energies are already coming from the Cosmic Central Sun (and maybe even beyond! ~ this is what I sometimes feel), and will only get stronger as we embody and anchor more and more of these Cosmic energies.

Aluna Ash also talks about Monad Soul Groups carrying out specific "functions" ~ this is similar to what Sandra Walter recently discussed in her video, here.


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SOLAR ACTIVITY WILL CONTINUE OVER THE NEXT WEEK AND A HALF... what's coming in right now is just from one release rotation the new moon portal- is pulling on the magnetic field of the sun creating more of a release of energy from the Sun, I spoke about this in a video a couple weeks ago. Solar storms/solar flares

Please make sure that if you're struggling with your mental health, emotional well-being or physical health in any way that you go within first & (if needed/wanted) seek guidance either w someone you feel comfortable with or by a professional & dont just say "oh well, its the energy.." if you are experiencing rapid changes in your thoughts, emotions & energy, it is really important to seek guidance/support if needed.

Mental health is extremely important during these times and will become something that is more focused on within the collective. You will get to a point where you feel positive & balanced during these waves/shifts without going too high energetically then going down after- meditation daily & constant awareness of your thoughts, is keyπŸ’—staying present.

Stay focused, aligned in your Heart, Soul Heart & don't get caught up in BS, the blame game, victim roles, programs. Hold steady to the Original Force/Spirit. Where your focus goes, your energy flows. Kundalini energy can be moving all through your body & energy field.. maybe even more active at this time

**Correction, the October Energy Update was posted 2 weeks ago speaking about this Geomagnetic Storm & Portal https://youtu.be/tyXEcMXFb-E

But I believe I spoke about it again in last weeks 12 day portal video as well.

**10 Galactic Activation Portal Days in a row within a 12 day Portal: October 26th-November 4th are the 10 GAP days.
12 day portal: October 24th-Nov 4th Re-activation of culimnations/shifts of or from the Full Moon 25 degrees Sagittarius on June 17th & re-activation of energy of the Total Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer from July 2nd during this 12 day portal and during the 9 GAP days.

And an activation begins with the Galactic Center following this New Moon, that will continue until December when Jupiter moves into Tropical Capricorn duting prior to the next larger Portal & the next Solar Eclipse that will be bringing in Geomagnetic Storms as well (my intuitive feeling) This Portal is connected to those that transitioned & even more so to those that have crossed while the nodes have been in Cancer & Zodiac since last October. The veil is thin around this time & perfect for honoring Ancestors, healing, meditation, cleansing, relaxing, deprogramming, etc..

πŸ’œWith the energy coming in, it's causing an acceleration with the synchronization with the planetary light body & planetary field through our consciousness, DNA, pineal gland- galactic antenna, and activating different spheres within the Brain through number codes/subliminal frequency transmissions from Higher Dimensional Mind impressing upon the individual Subconscious bringing the subliminal messages up to the conscious awareness into the objective reality to be impressed and creating a new program through repetition. This is part of a hive mind deprogramming from the higher dimensional mind/awareness.

The Elements will be stirred up within the collective due to this 12 day Portal & energy coming in. It, the weather changes, are natural due to Cosmic energy, shifts with collective & the planetary field.


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