Oct 7, 2019

😤 ~ Flight shaming hits air travel as 'Greta effect' takes off (Reuters) ~ | Blogger: [🤜Is There Close Relation To Borderline Personality Disorder, Autism (Fox News) & Asperger Syndrome? Who Stole Diagnosed Asperger & OCD Greta Thunberg’s Childhood? Soros, Climate Corporations, Climate Activists and Her Parents, Who Are Actors? Is Greta Thunberg Really An (Crisis Actor) Actress Named Estella Renee? Promoted And Indoctrinated, Just Like David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, 15-Year-Old Girl, Nayirah Al-Ṣabaḥ, Father Of Omran Daqneesh - The "Boy In The Ambulance" Photo And (Fake) White Helmets In Syria Conflict?🤛] ...💬 FIRST, let’s start in order! Verdensalt is for world peace, and for the ecology, free speech and free will! I'm SORRY if i truly offended YOU (readers), but i will (ONLY) look at "A TRUTH!"...🙏... That said, the recent climate change-debate is about 'Fake news,' real fallout - simple, to CREATE FEAR! (and create money, accumulate wealth - a cash-cow).. It is very IMPORTANT to understand that the climate problem is being taken over by (mentally unstable people)... WE saw that, when AOC and a supporter of U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, suggested eating babies to combat climate change at a town hall event... It has NOW become a major problem in Denmark, after a newly danish study and a Danish climate professor - and one of the world's leading experts - answers the many thoughts and questions of 10-year-old children about climate change. {"- Will the world go down, and will we grow up and have children? "I'm afraid the earth is going to be a really bad place to be living in" ~ Micah Kruckow"} ... Scandinavian airline SAS AB, and political parties, will (force) a 20-30 danish kroner (climate donation) on ALL airplane tickets in Denmark. In total, the tax will bring in the (green climate fund) DKK 250-300 million annually and it doesn't stop here. The danish politicians has other plans to put MORE death & taxes on domestic & international flights, just to combat climate changes... But since up to 57 percent of all trees are being eradicated in Amazons ("The lungs of the Earth are in flames" - lies), people seem to FORGET, that Scandinavia, like other countries, are cutting trees, likes there's no tomorrow. BOTH, state owned forest and privately owned, to make a BUCK. Sold, as firewood or wood chips. TO ME, it's more important focusing on the REAL problem in hand, and how to combat climate, NOT by forcing people to stay home, AFRAID to fly, to eat MEAT, to TURN ON LIGHTS, to use ELECTRICITY etc. etc... 🌲 As you properly all know by now, tree planting 'has mind-blowing potential' to tackle climate crisis and trees, are CO2-eaters... 💚 The Metaphysical meaning of the image of the Tree of Life is simple... You are a child of the Universe.... Tree of Life - Rooted in the Earth - reaching for the stars!... |

.. (‘flygskam’- exported as “flight shaming”) : Scandinavian airline SAS AB has seen passenger traffic shrink 2% this year, while Sweden’s airport operator said it handled 9% fewer passengers for domestic flights this year than in 2018. Both have blamed ‘flight shame’ .


SAS vil lægge 20-30 kr i klimabidrag på flybilletter
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