Sep 30, 2019

⚕️ ~ Woman loses fingers to flu, urges others to get vaccinated now (Winknews) ~ | Blogger: [๐Ÿ˜ฒO-M-G! The Propaganda train has left towards the abyss and mind-control fearbased parents are forcing themselves and their kids to be permanently damaged from vacations, in the long run๐Ÿ™…‍♂️] ... In other news, Toronto Canada, has also attempted to force mandatory vaccination despite proven genocide health impact and Denmark, the health authorities CLAIMS, that a newborn baby are protected by the mother's vaccine for the first six months and a new (man made bioweapon?) West Nil virus can infect people via mosquito bites. Birds are the carriers that spread the disease... |

Flu season is set to ramp up Tuesday. Patients and doctors alike are urging anyone six months and older to get their flu shot.

But according to our poll on the WINK News Facebook page, the majority of participants don’t plan on getting one.

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