Sep 25, 2019

πŸ“° πŸ”΄ ~ WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING News ~ | Blogger: [PS: Verdensalt still on VACA! Bad wifi to Info Strada and crappy PC, means, no news] ... {why is 8chan, 4chan, Endchan down? Epstein Raid Paris, as pressure intensifies on Prince Andrew to cooperate} ... TOP STORIES: Panic room DNC hoax impeach Trump (Took The Bait, They Are Going For It, Wait For It, Boom - x22report) ... “They Have Walked Into a Trap!” -Rudy Giuliani Destroys Democrat Party, FBI and BIDEN CRIME FAMILY — MUST SEE VIDEO (now censored - thegatewaypundit) ... Keiser Report: JP Morgan Bankers Charged with Racketeering (normally used to take down mafia) ... German authorities raid Deutsche Bank over Danske Bank A/S worlds biggest money laundering scandal & crown witness, Danske Bank's Aivar Rehe Estonian branch CEO, has been found dead - Reuters (so the banksters killed him?) ... Greta Thunberg authoritarian personality angry at Trump ignoring her & Paris Accord (Trump derangement syndrome), parents actors spin belongs to Antifa, she's controlled by PR Soros operative & complaint of child abuse, CPS is looking in to the case of Stockholm syndrome (we are free tv) ... NASA pushes ahead with its plan to build a $600million telescope to detect potentially devastating 'city killer' asteroids & makes a 4.6 Billion deal with Lockheed Martin for New Space Fleet ... |

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