Sep 13, 2019

😘 ~ BT Royale, DR & Danish National Fundraising 2019. 71,708,044 Millions Was The Result of The Danish Collection (Verdensalt Archive) ~ | Blogger: [👸There's Something About Mary who Is Crossing The Line: Feminism, George Soros' #Metoo, Fake TV-shows Called "Strength The Girls of The World". A Taxpayer Political Controlled 'Emotional' DR Fund-Raising Cash-Cow Circumcision Prevention 'Fatima' Novo Nordisk Show. 12 Biggest NGO's Gathered For The World's Exposed Girls👧🏿] ... HAVE YOU ASKED YOURSELVES IF ANYBODY SURVEILLANCE THESE 12 PROJECTS & IF ALL MONEY GOES TO THESE GIRLS, BESIDES ADMIN COST & BENEFITS NOVO NORDISK CANCER-INSULIN & 12 NGO'S SEX TRAFFICKING SCHEMES??... 👊Nothing and i mean in N-O-T-H-I-N-G, about boys gender inequality affects men too. Boys are equally like girls targeting as sexualization in the world... When do we see a REAL fundraising show, that benefits 100% of the collected money targeting the 64,500 poor children in DK, existence of female paedophiles, PTSD & stress affected Run-down Kids and Adults, Honor veterans, Homeless, Beggars, Immigrants and Refugees, Lonely & Vulnerable families in Denmark?🤗Mind-controlled danish families with their kids, hugging and sending millions away, while Farnsworth Ministries church cheats the congregation shares crocodile tears with companies tax deducted news crawlers/ticker gets maximum coverage. And Audi cars for free and other gifts and music blasting with emotional scenes from Africa sparkles scenes of horror into the living rooms👉DID YOU KNOW, that NBE has interviewed My Vitriol Frontman Som Wardner of today and his says: The Marxist Left & Men Testosterone Elephant In The Room: 'Less tips goes out to feminine Uber drivers, than men (discrimination issues) but turns to be the opposite case, waitresses also get more tips and UK centrepoint charity for homeless fundraising is like; society feels more sympathetic towards woman, than men. Men die younger, takes more risks, more homeless men and takes low jobs, mens suicide is higher' (listen to more) ... {🎀"Basically, it's about justice, says Protector from the organization "Women deliver", who went beyond neutral in 2016.. 'Why should a girl see her brother going to school, while she stay behind, grinding away at home and her options become zero?, "Crown Princess Mary said in the DR1 feature 2018}👉DID YOU KNOW, that Soros gave $246 million to partners of Women's March, and controls all #LivesMatters Campaigns??🌍WHO REALLY SAVES THE WORLD??🤔.. Danish Refugee Council - Fundraising record 2017 - DKK 15M, but DKK 4M goes to admin costs. Does this NGO organization have a financial interest in inviting "a lot of" people or (ghosts) up to Denmark, to make money out of them? 80 pct. by the Danish Refugee Council (international), takes place in the field round the world and therefore NOT in DK📰Journalist returns from Syria, reveals all she saw, including corrupt humanitarian groups🙉Creative enthusiasts in worldwide Private charities and NGOs will increasingly replace the welfare state's heavy bureaucracy. Otherwise, we will be overtaken by emerging economies that do not have the same sentimental relationship with primary schools, public hospitals, kindergartens and public pensions. It turns out, however, that relief organizations (privatized humanism) and NGOs are cold as ice, 'fussy' government-backed organizations such as (Red Cross) and (Save The Children International), used be runned by Helle Thorning, create money for ALL other purposes than humanitarian aid, in the most vulnerable countries. In the beginning of 2017, the theme of Denmark's fundraising was 'No Child Must Starve'.🏴‍☠️ Verdensalt has mentioned it countless times before, it is a difficult pill to swallow, but fundraising shows benefit mainly to whoever sent in most money (Novo 1M, Novo Fund 2,5M) and bills, salaries, organizers behind the show, telecom providers, administration, warlords of dictators and others, who hive off the best bits, as multinational corporations... |

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Kronprinsessens feminisme går over stregen

DAVID ICKE: NBE Talks To My Vitriol Frontman Som Wardner About Brexit & The Grown Of The Marxist Left

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