Sep 23, 2019

🔴 BREAKING : ~ Police Begin Search After Danske’s Ex-CEO in Estonia Goes Missing (Bloomberg) ~ | Blogger: [ONE of the world's biggest money laundering scandals and key witness gone missing! Coincidence??] ... {“There is no such thing as coincidence in this world. The only thing is hitsuzen"} .... Mr. Aivar Rehe has properly gone in hidden or been killed by mafia, recruited by banksters, globalists or elites, who has laundered money through Denmark... To this day, nobody has been indicted or sentenced to jail time, of any employee in Danske Bank, Nordea, SEB, Jyske Bank, Sparekassen Kronjylland, Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn and all the other Wall Street Rothschild owned banks... PS: The question is how deeply involved are all the danish CEO's and higher management, if disappearance (forever) is the new murder-for-hire plot, for these fine gentlemen of white nobility (Danish Order of Freemasons)... |

Police in Estonia are looking for the man who used to run the Danske Bank unit that’s now at the center of a money-laundering scandal that’s triggered multiple criminal investigations.


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