Aug 19, 2019

😴 ~ While You Were Sleeping : 5 Stories You Might Have Missed (Verdensalt) ~ | Blogger: [✊Something Is Rotten In The Rothschild Owned Admin State Of Denmark👉] ... () = verdensalt ... {PS: Verdensalt has NO grudge against the LGBT community, or anybody else for that matter, but people have absolutely no idea how much globalists has 'control' over them}... 1️⃣ -- NOT FOR SALE - Danish PM reject the offer, says the world's largest island, Greenland, is NOT owned by Denmark. Danish support parties refuse to let Danish warships patrol in the Strait of Hormuz & danish soldiers as replacements for US, in Syrian Kurdistan. Trump then withdraws from his pledge to visit DK (Gaaahhh! WRONG Mrs. Mette F., self-government by 2009 or not, Greenland remains a Danish colony and 'cash in $700 million a year to the danish state', Acc. to Trump admin). Trump Quote :"The EU is worse than China - just smaller"... 2️⃣ -- COMMUNIST LGBTQIA POWER -- The Danish Red-Green Alliance wish to allow children of LGBT parenting, to have four legal parents (🤪) ... 3️⃣ -- AFTER NEW FINDINGS : DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS 'STOPS' USE OF TELEDATA - Danish police data error may have caused wrong in more than 10.000 convictions, since 2015. The prosecutor's office temporarily halted the use of telecommunications data as evidence, after finding new serious errors (management of danish National Police, Rigspolitiet, roundup and rotten tomatoes score = 100%🍅) ... 4️⃣-- NET WORTH 4.4 BILLION USD LARS LARSEN IS DEAD (R.I.P.🕯️). One of the RICHEST billionaires in Denmark, Lars (Kristinus) Larsen, a Danish businessman, owner and founder of the Jysk retail chain is dead ... 5️⃣ -- BARACK OBAMA’S HIGH SCHOOL HOOPS UNIFORM SOLD FOR $120.000... (Problem with this story is that, Barack Obama a.k.a. gay LGBT Barry Soetoro, born in Kenya - nobody knows for 100 percent certainty, that Obama has ever worn that basketball jersey in his Hawaiian High School) ... |

/Ritzau/ - Støttepartier vil ikke opfylde Trumps militære ønsker
/Ritzau/ - Trump: Det er hårdt for Danmark
/TV NEWS/-  Trump skaber forvirring om sit besøg i Danmark
/JP/ - Børns Vilkår er bange for forslag om fire forældre
/B/ - Rigsadvokaten stopper midlertidigt brug af teledata efter nye fund af alvorlige fejl

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