Aug 23, 2019

✋ ~ πŸ’— Study Reveals How to Stop Mass Shootings, Overdose and Suicide Epidemics (It isn't Gun Control) πŸ’• ~ | .. What Really Causes Mass Shootings ~ We Are From the Future ... |

This is what we all need right now. A massive scientific study has revealed how to stop the mass shootings, overdose and suicide epidemics.

This can heal our country. See my first video in years

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P.S. This is thanks in part to Dr. Edward Hallowell pointing out to me the results of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, which found that connectedness to school and home were the two most important protective factors in preventing violence. The National Longitudinal Study on Adolescent Health is a massive study mandated by Congress to identify risk and protective factors at the family, school and individual levels as they relate to emotional health, violence, and substance abuse in adolescents. Family connectedness and school connectedness were identified as the most protective agents against almost every risk to well-being, especially violence and self-harm.

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