Aug 12, 2019

🕌 ~ Norway mosque attack suspect 'inspired by Christchurch and El Paso shootings' (theguardian) ~ | Blogger: [🥺This Is Getting Weirder By The Minute🔫] ... {A copycat young norwegian millionaire white supremacist shooter? Re-he-he-heally?🙃} ... FIRST OF ALL, Ole Dammegard (and many others) has already exposed there was at least, 2-5 police shooters, that killed 69-86 youths in 2011 Norway false flag by NWO ops... SECONDLY, one of the best alternative norwegian media, nyhetsspeilet, has literary torn apart any 'official news narrative', there's so much evidence, it was a Black Ops all eyes on Oslo Police headquarters, like with the coverup of Scandinavian Star, insurance fraud... (OSLO Police - One of the biggest N.A.T.O. Gladio Operation HQ in Scandinavia!?)... NOW, Initially, 21-year-old Philip Manshaus's husband was charged with killing his step-sister and attempted murder, pleading not guilty (acc. to MSM media news)... "(tv2 news) On Saturday, Philip Manshaus attempted a mass shooting at the Al-Noor Islamic Center mosque in Bærum"... AT THE SAME TIME, In messages, surfaced online forums 4Chan and the newer Endchan, Philip Manshaus described himself as being "selected" by Sankt Tarrant (ref. to Brenton Tarrant, Christchurch, New Zealand) & tributes to the right-wing mass murderers.. ACCORDING to the official news narrative, the other "two disciples", must have been the perpetrators of the attack on a Jewish synagogue in the United States and Patrick Crusius, who was behind the mass shooting in El Paso, where 22 people lost their lives"... MIKE ADAMS, from NaturalNews, says, and i quote "The mass shooting events that have rocked America over the past two days follow the pattern of “FBI terror plots” documented by the New York Times and the Kansas City Star (see sources, below) as being created and carried out by FBI agents. These two shootings were initiated in the hours following the bombshell revelation that the FBI conspired with Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration to destroy Clinton’s email hard drives as a means to eliminate any evidence of Hillary Clinton’s prosecutable crimes"... SOOOO, lets just say for argument sake, that something is Rotten in the Dano–Norwegian realm, if Oslo police is completely corrupted to the bone, do your really think, Copenhagen police, is not... Think about it... and i know it's a painful experience to wake up after beauty sleep... you be the judge... 🛎️PS: OH OH, i forgot, this morning an expect from Radio24Morgen news studio, is telling the reporters, that the 9th explosion that has hit Copenhagen, just alone in 2019, is to be blamed on criminals and street gangs (The Al Capone method, also called the Al Capone model)... EVERY SINGLE episode i have heard of in Denmark, that has "some" ties to (terror) have been blamed on organised crime gang. Almost every "incident", closing in on Norrebro district or close by... I'm sorry guys, we don't have Mara Salvatrucha, or popularly known as MS-13 (Clinton's assassination squad) running around in Denmark and setting off bombs, totally ludicrous (if you ask me on verdensalt)... |

Baerum’s al-Noor Islamic Centre, where the attack occurred on Saturday. Photograph: Terje Pedersen/AFP/Getty Images
Ole Dammegard exposes 2-5 police shooters kill 69-86 youths in 2011 Norway false flag by NWO ops
Best and most extensive coverage of 2011 Norway attacks, questioning official claims |
Mistænkt for norsk moské-angreb sigtes for terror

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