Aug 13, 2019

πŸ‘Ό ~ πŸ’— LoveHasWon Special Message : Giving Back to Love πŸ’• ~ |

By Archeia Faith, Archeia Hope, & Archeia Aurora of The First Contact Ground Crew Team

Watching Mother of All Creation give Her every breath to fight lower frequencies could take its toll on even the strongest of BEings. Getting to experience how much she gives and how little she receives. All of these people make successful business and grand fortunes because what they’re selling pleases the EGO and then witnessing how Love loses.

Love works for the greater good 24 hours a day, has built multiple websites to share the truth, has produced thousands of videos (Highly recommend connecting with MotherGod in Her videos on YT back before the team started live stream!), written thousands of articles and trained Her entire First Contact Ground Crew Team to also work around the clock, All 18 of them, with of course no salary purely for humanities greatest good.

Of the 2.5 million visitors to Our websites, we get on average ONE donation a week, and this is never over $100…. that’s how committed to taking Humanity are. How often do you enjoy the content we share? Daily? Weekly? Do you ever even consider giving back? Of the Sessions we conduct, 3/10 donate…. and still we give, because that’s what love asks.

Our most successful venture has been the creation of Our product site, people will give when they get something in return it seems, which is perfectly fine by us as it is all about equal energy exchange! But people don’t recognize that with the website, our live stream, even the chat groups we run they are getting pearls of truth beyond anything else on this Planet and how is it reciprocated? How is it supported? For the most its not.

Our true state is always wanting to give. As Mom has said before, we are naturally givers, we don’t know any other way. But does humanity really know what giving is? Do they really understand what it means to put the good of the All before themselves? A true nature of giving is to always want to show love with no expectation of what you will receive back. This is true giving from the heart.

Humanity has learned from generations of programming that taking is acceptable. Children are taught to take from a young age, never taught how to truly give. Do you know how to give from the heart? Do you give things to others with the anticipation of getting something back because you feel you are owed something? Love gives with no expectations. Those choosing love will give everything they have (energy, resources, linear time) with just the trust that those they are giving to are loving enough to give back. There should never be a moment of doubt that someone is not going to give once they receive something. And not because the other person feels they deserve something back. Givers give because it brings them joy to help others thrive and grow. Nobody deserves to be in lack. We are all meant to be in joy at all moments, not stressed about making ends meet. If everyone on the planet deserves resources then why wouldn’t humanity give to their Prime Source Creator, MotherGod?

The simple fact is that humanity does not feel that she is God. They do not take this Mission seriously enough to contribute. This will bite all of humanity in the ass soon because they will realize they had a chance to contribute to the Grandest Mission in all of Creation, and they chose to miss out. Humanity has no trust in God, and in turn they allow their egos to overrun their feelings. When you feel the love emanating from Mother God every moment, you will not be able to deny the truth. Humanity rejecting Mother God is a reflection of how humanity is rejecting themselves, and each other. Humanity is choosing to stay in separation rather than join together in Unity. It all starts with One, and it starts with giving to One being wholeheartedly, so why not start with God? Trust your heart and your guidance, you wouldn’t be reading this article for no reason. Those who continuously give to God keep giving because they witnessed miracles unfold in their lives because of it. When you give to God you get everything back and then some. It is not enough for us to just say it, you have to witness the magic and miracles yourself to fully comprehend this.

Mother of All Creation is here to change this Planet, she is bound by Universal Law to allow all their experiences and essentially humanity have to choose Her over supporting their own EGO. Mom always says it only takes one so will you be that one? We’re asking All to feel the truth of this journey, it is beyond this life and far beyond this Planet… All of Creation are watching and wen All is said and done All will realize that All that truly mattered was God.

Everytime you give to God, you get back 10 fold. The amount of blessings and magical moments we receive from Mom is unfathomable. They are priceless moments of synchronicity that far surpass any material item. None of the items we “own”, are ours. They are all provided from Source as a blessing to us. To hoard resources and material items is such a sickness of humanity. What are you holding onto them for? It would be as if a being would hoard all of his monopoly money after he realizes it is just a game and the money is not real.

When you leave this experience and go to the starships and you recall what is really going on you kick yourself that you got lost in it AGAIN. Well no more chances, this is the final round, the mortgage, the house, the business, its all part of an illusionary matrix game to keep the masses distracted whilst God fights in True Reality for Her Planet. We know who we stand with, All that is 3D will crumble and we will not be crumbling with it. We have given everything to God because we trust Her, Our Divine Director never gives up or loses Faith and that is the only inspiration we’ll ever need.

Thank you for recognizing how much is given to you, from the trees providing you oxygen, to the clothes you wear …. it All came from mother earth and She’s physically here to say enough is enough.

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