Aug 8, 2019

πŸ‘Ό ~ πŸ’— Diamond Lion's Gate Portal (Magenta Pixie) πŸ’• ~ | Blogger: [🦁"Almost Most in Alignment in Your Month of August, as the Binary Sirius Soul Paring Begins it's Dance Within Your Solar System"♌] ... |

Diamond Lion's Gate Portal influx of abundant Diamond light coming in on a bilocational stream of simultaneous negative and positive polarity for integration and transmutation within and by the 5D consciousness individuals. The Nine provide, through their conduit Magenta Pixie, catalyst triggers through Flame Letter codes for a smooth and blissful transitionary experience into the new Diamond crystalline template system. Portal from the 26th of July to the 12th of August with the highest peak on 8/8. The 13th of August is the shift point manifested in 3D physical reality.

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