Aug 18, 2019

🦸 ~ (Claim2Fame) : Greta Thunberg's two-week trip across Atlantic in 'zero-carbon yacht' may generate more emissions than it saves as two of the crew have to FLY to New York to bring the boat back to Europe (DailyMail) ~ | Blogger: [🏆Molboerne er meget dumme. Det viser de bl.a. ved at bære en mand ind på marken for at jage en stork væk. Han havde nemlig alt for store fødder til selv at kunne gøre det🤣] .. PS: {The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg : Everything was carefully planned to transform the young Swede into an international heroine - The green capitalism is using Greta Thunberg} ... (Sorry if many will be offended) ... Buuut, the pig-tailed teenager asperger climate icon (fake emotional) Greta Thunberg is the David Hogg of Climate Alarmism, runned by POWERFUL forces like AOC, George Soros and her parents, actors & climate activists (COP24 in Poland, Davos, The Rockefeller etc.)... EVEN if you think, that frequent flyers has raised the alarmed over climate change, the airline industry says it is "hellbent" on reducing emissions, (verdensalt) has read that 20% has actually "increased" their travel by air, except Sweden, of course... "Behind these powerful moments, we find a Swedish public relations genius, Ingmar Rentzhog. The other side of the fairy tale is less pretty, but more interesting. According to my research, Swedish investigative journalist Andreas Henriksson is the first to have investigated this issue. His article was published on the blog of Rebecca Weidmo, on December 11 2018" ~ medium ... |

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