Jun 10, 2019

Allnewspipeline | ~ Another Cluster Of Mysterious Deaths! Arkansas Judge Seals Police Records On Murder Of Former Arkansas State Senator Who Was Allegedly Investigating CPS Child Trafficking Ring ~ | .. - At Least 5 Mysterious Deaths In Week: Is A Nationwide 'Clean Up Job' Being Carried Out? .. |

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Over the last several years dating back to the launch of ANP during the administration of Barack Obama, we have published numerous stories about clusters of mysterious deaths hitting bankers, scientists, biologists, holistic health practitioners, people tied to the DNC and Hillary Clinton and numerous other seemingly odd professions to experience sudden outbreaks of mysterious deaths. And we're sad to report in this new story that another such outbreak may now be unfolding before our eyes.

As Infowars reports in this new story, within two days of each other this past week, the bodies of two former state Senators were found within their own homes, both of them shot dead. With the body of former Republican state Senator Linda Collins Smith found the day before the body of former Oklahoma state Senator Jonathon Nicols, one commenter on the Infowars story instantly picked up on the fact that Collins Smith was from the state of Arkansas while commenting "Old friends of the Clintons no doubt :( ".

Another commenter simply stated: "Arkancide=Clintons." Those mysterious deaths were just 2 of at least 5 this past week...

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