May 07, 2019

Veterans Today - Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services | ~ Trump to Declare White Helmets a Terror Group and Israel Hates the Idea ~ | .. Zionist media aghast that Trump now getting "non fake news" instead of their Fox/Murdoch fabrications .. | Blogger: WHY is this suddenly important!? Well, verdensalt has posted a dozen of articles about the FAKE "Humanitarian" organization The White Helmets or the Syrian Civil Defence, a quasi-terrorist organisation funded by the British Intelligence Agency, US-NATO-Saudi-Israeli clique in their bid to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria... Begin to explore why the danish Oscar nominated film 'Last Men in Aleppo' has been picked among hundreds of movies - protecting the lamestream narrative (like CNN), blaming it all on Assad and Russia?? White Helmets has been funded with millions of dollars by UK, US and DENMARK (UN/WHO/NATO/ and other Cabalish organisations) ... Why the documentary 'White Helmets' and all western censored mainstream news who reports on Syria and White Helmets are all pure propaganda.. Check the latest UN peace council reports that shows the White Helmets are totally fake and a complete FRAUD!... "The ‘White Helmets’ are not a rescue group but an extension of jihadist militants, and should be designated a terrorist organization, Russia’s envoy to the UN argued at the presentation of evidence into the group’s wrongdoing." (RT Dec 21, 2018)... |



MSM Caught Staging Fake News...

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