May 30, 2019


#NewMoon #Portals #Activations I will make another video and go over some of the messages & June energy **everyone will experience the acension process differently. And perceive reality differently. We are all conduits to energy. But we experience it differently based off our elemental makeup, Soul path, past lives, etc.. A message that I got is there has been a new agreement- to "turn up" the ascension process... this will cause a rapid acceleration in awareness and perception. Right now is the tipping point where things are culminating or reaching a climax connected to the last collective agreement. I am also seeing the energy/aura of planets/animals/earth looking different, a subtle difference. New Moon Portal opens as the moon enters the electromagnetic field connecting the Sun & Earth on 5/31 right as the next wave of Cosmic energy is coming in/hitting (hitting Earth, if you tune into Cosmic energy & planetary field/aura you may feel this now- or before the 30th) and 5/31 is also a Galactic Activation Portal. The next Galactic Activation Portal date is June 4th, after the New Moon in Gemini. The next Galactic Activation Portal after the New Moon in Gemini is on Soltice, June 21st. #energyupdate #portals #awakening #newearth #goldenAge #CosmicEnergy #GalacticUpdates #Soltice

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