May 30, 2019

Be Inspired | ~ πŸ’“ Dr. Bruce Lipton: Watch This And You'll Know More Than The Best Doctors in The World πŸ’• ~ | Blogger: [πŸ’ŠGOVT KEEPS YOU IN STRESS MODE SINCE 9/11πŸ’¦] ... Important to know... Dr. Bruce: "Since 9/11 the american pharmaceutical companies has made 20% more profit every year. In 5 year, 100% more profit in selling drugs!... Like my own holistic / 'natural' doctor in Denmark has said for 50 years time: "When fear hits us, we captivate us self in a position of "blocking, mental lockdown and strap down" by up 86%, the rest of the 14%, is the basic survival instinct ~ L. M. Jeppsson"... |

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